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Tairem Tekr- The Crimson Angel by MacLaneMars
Tairem Tekr- The Crimson Angel

Name: Tairem Tekr

Species: Cyothon (Human Vllar'fal hybrid)

Race: Malkorian

Gender: Female

Titles: Sister, Blood-Angel, Sergeant

Affiliation: The Committee Military

Birthplace: Rencarth City, Malkor

Birth date: Unknown

Occupation: Sergeant, spec-ops operative

Strengths: Agile, crackshot, adept at unarmed combat, stealthy

Weaknesses: Brash, easily angered, vulnerable to cold

Equipment/Weapons: Combat shield, custom carbine

Armor: Arch-Wing Mk. III

Personality: Volatile and aggressive, Tairem is overly brutal to her enemies and sees her comrades only as a means to an end.  The only person she cares for is her partner Norem.   

Status: Alive



Tairem WIP by MacLaneMars
Tairem WIP
I usually don't like posting WIPs, but I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I mind as well post this to show I'm not dead.  Constructive criticism is appreciated. 
The Honorable Barbarian: Orthune by MacLaneMars
The Honorable Barbarian: Orthune

Name: Orthune Duut’san

Species: Wox Kriil

Race: Northern Wox  

Gender: None

Titles: Outcast, mercenary, Prime Chief, Honor-Scythe

Affiliation: the Committee Military (formally), Duut’san Clan

Birthplace: Kriil Opuos, city unknown

Birth date: 00 Serpent Era

Occupation: Prime Chief (formally), mercenary

Strengths: Thick armor, vast amounts of strength and stamina, skilled melee fighter

Weaknesses: No ranged attacks, slow

Equipment/Weapons: Battle scythe, hunting knife, broad sword, gauntlet claws, axe staff

Armor: Barbarian Plate Armor- Series 3

Personality: Honorable, he believes in justice and fair fights.  Orthune will not take a job unless it aligns with his own moral code.  While brutish looking he is intelligent and cautious.   

Status: Alive

Bio: Born into the clan Duut’san Orthune was in line to become leader of his family.  However, he left home at a young age to seek his fortune, something almost unheard of by Wox Kriil.  As a result he was labeled an outcast by his family and cut out of the Duut’san clan.  He resided on Malkor for many years until he decided to join the Committee Military.  He served during the Inthos Civil War and slowly made his way up to the rank of Prime Chief.  Orthune was instrumental in the Battle of Sorrows where he and his battalion annihilated hundreds of Royalist troops.  After the Civil War Orthune was honorably discharged from the military, and he took several dozen years off to travel among The Grand Array.  When he returned he felt himself longing for the thrill of the battle field once more so he became an independent mercenary. 


Vaedzak V.2 by MacLaneMars
Vaedzak V.2
For a few more angles of this guy go to:…

I'm mostly satisfied at how this MOC came out, so I won't be working on any other versions of Vaedzak for some time.  For those of you who don't know, this is my self-MOC.  So yeah.


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